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UI Construction is a leading design and renovation business located in South Florida. We specialize in all aspects of the construction industry with our main focus being on distinct styles and home repairs. We are a company that thinks that mass production is messing up the private home which when houses all look the exact same you lose that special sensation that modifies the typical home into a home. We wish to create a distinct masterpiece that leaves our clients happy to call their house a house. We aren't satisfied unless our customers are happy to show off to family and friends and we want them to be comfortable using their brand-new space. Design indicates nothing if it isn't really functional. For this reason, we employ only the best designers, designers, and engineers to make sure that your design operates as excellent as it looks. Among our crucial talents is that we pay attention to every client and work along with them to develop their perfect living area. Whether we are converting a kitchen, bathroom, or a whole addition onto your home, we aim to make it ideal.

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Home Repairs Miramar, FloridaHome style and planning should be well believed out and carried out prior to any remodelling project breaking ground. When you plan a home repairs task properly, you prevent the most common issues with any remodel. The unanticipated cost and time it takes to fix issues you didn't know existed. Moving plumbing and electrically work is not only time consuming it is an extremely big included expenditure if it wasn't already prepared and accounted for in the initial budget plan. For this reason alone, UI Construction uses our team of designers, engineers, and designers to plan ahead and know when something like this is going to require to occur to achieve the style our client imagine. We want every client to seem like we are doing everything in our power to fulfill and exceed their expectations. Correct planning is a fundamental element that ought to never be taken for given. When plans are rushed and design is neglected as an important element of the job then the result is normally a very costly headache. The difference in between a quality style and smooth remodel and a headache is as easy as calling (954) 526-4711.
Bedrooms are often neglected when it comes to remodeling projects. The floor covering in a bed room, including in a skylight, constructing custom-made wall systems, including ceiling fans and lights, raising the ceiling. All of these projects can be achieved with the help of our professionals at UI Construction. Altering out flooring from carpet to wood or vice versa is a huge task that needs to be delegated professionals. No one wants a wood flooring the creaks or squeaks when you stroll on it. It has to be level and insulated with appropriate padding underneath and the edges need room to expand in high heat or extreme cold. Carpet has to have proper thickness for padding and the seams need to be correctly attached to prevent it from splitting up. Fans require to be properly stabilized to avoid them from wobbling. Adding in skylights can be harmful if not appropriately insulated and sealed. All these tasks as well as home repairs can be expertly handled by the professionals at UI Construction. Contact us today at (954) 526-4711 to learn more about our Home Repairs services.

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Home Repairs

Home Repairs in Miramar, Florida